Monday, January 30, 2012

Assignment's 1 and 2 of...

Miss Europe on Facebook
I got 1st place for this photo: (click to enlarge)

The theme was "Show girl". I did one backstage :D

Second asignment (not judged yet):
THe theme is out favorite video game character. Mine is Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy VIII :D
The hair took forever. I took 7 pictures of her in the same pose and edited them in, and drew her sweater and gloves. I also edited in the sword :P Enjoy!


  1. Congrats on first place. My favorite Final Fantasy character is Snow ^_^
    but favorite video game character is Abe of Abe's Oddywsee and Hwoarang of Tekken. Hair looks great.

  2. Oh I love Snow! I think Lightning is beautiful and very innocent looking in game. Thanks Sack girl :D

  3. PLEASE tell me she is up for download!
    I've searched everywhere and this Lightning version is PERFECT.
    xx Lo