Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Sim: Thomas Ann

A BOY? Why yes I do create male sims ^_^

Thomas grew up being abused, and witnessed his mother commit suicide. A year after her death, when Tom was only 11, his father beat his best friend and dog, Scout, too death. Thomas ran away from his dad and hoped for a better life. Now he abuses substances and trying to get out of being a homeless person. Can you help him?

Traits: Animal Lover, Frugal, Hot Headed, Absent Minded, Couch Potatoe
LTW: Rolling in Cash

Requires: Pets and Late Night


CC List
Freckles - Vasilla
Contacts - Oh my Eyes
Makeup - Dirty Glam
Hair - Store

Download: Sims3Pack or Package

Please post pictures of him in your game! I'd love to see them ^_^ :D