Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Sim: Danica Aucton

Yep! New sim. Out of the blue completely unannounced just for you all. :)

Danica is a charismatic party goer. She's a bit brave in her remarks and doesn't care what people think of her. Shes extremely into free spirited and a bit of a klepto. She's very artsy and dyes her hair on a weekly basis. This week: Backwards strawberry.


Eye Contacts - Shady (2nd)
Eye liner - Emmzx
Eye brows - TSR

Sims3pack or Package

Shes completely unannounced. No one knows I made her, because as Im typing this I just finished her. Hope you all know your getting the first views of her, and I hope you love her!


  1. Great looking sim. She has such realistic facial features. I love the hair and her clothes. Nice work Alex!

  2. Thanks Sack! :) I really really love her. ^_^